Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saturday, 30 May, 2009

Meet up wif BIL Alphin & family 4 diner at Choon Seng Seafood in Hougang, the food oni so so.

Waited 4 them till nearly 8plus & hubby was veri hungry alidy, morever waited until it rained so heavily.

At first couldn't decide where 2 eat coz raining & was looking 4 somewhere that got shelter but drive until reached there liao & the rain oso abit small so eat there lor!!!!!

Ps>will be meeting them 2morow at the S'pore Flyer 2morow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

As usual, went 2 fetch Xavier & Tricia frm school.

1st thing Tricia told mi, "Mummy 2day i eat popiah lai, i made 1 lai, veri nice". I asked her iszit & told her why she never save some 4 mi she juz smiled back.

Then went 2 fetched Xavier, he oso told mi, "Mummy this cake i made 1, 2day we make cake, teacher says let ur mummy or daddy try", even got a small piece of cake 4 them 2 bring back. (i was surprised).

The cake dat he made sure is yummy, each of us Xavier, Tricia, me & my mum each had a bite, even Gladys have a small bite.

Think nowadays PAP they are trying 2 increase their standard of teaching, not those boring in school teaching but alot of those innovative ideas & hands on 4 the kidz which i think is good.

Reali hope they will keep on improving so by the tym Gladys is able 2 attend school she will benefit alot !!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Gladys gave mi a BIG surprised 2day!!!!!

After making milk 4 her, i put it down & immediately she went & take & start popping it into her mouth. Of coz still wif the cover on, so it take out the cover & happily she takes her milk & drink it ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!

Yeah, FINALLY she's able 2 hold her milk bottle & drink it by herself coz last tym she tried 2 do it but think she still no strength 2 hold the milk bottle so always dropped!!!! Now more "power" liao!!!! ~ wahahahah. (so proud of my baby gal). *-*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, 9 May, 2009

Morning went Hougang Mall 4 Dim Sum at "Xiao Xuan Feng", coz Mother's Day Special, all Dim Sum at 50% off!!!!!

Aftermath, met my mum,dad & sis Irene at a Temple in Punggol Central. Reali crowded there, even got a wishing well in front of the temple & oso 4 you 2 seek good fortune whether in study or career etc etc........

Sis Irene "jio" us go Pulau Ubin coz she said no need 2 pay 4 the ferry & oso go there 4 seafood.

Wow itz been quite smetme since i took ferry 2 P.Ubin. Xavier & Tricia of coz veri excited coz he always 1 to sit the boat.

When we sit inside the boat, itz not free lei, must pay money 1 hor, wrong information from my sis ~ haiz!!!!!

Each person $2.50 wor including kidz coz they count by the head & itz oni a 1 way trip oni!!!! wow kaoz!!!!!!!

Abit scary when alighting coz the boat kept moving. Gladys was abit scared during the ride coz tink because of the sound & she kept crying & clinging on 2 mi but when we took the ferry back she's better.

The weather was reali hot dat day, went there oso got pray the "Tua Pek Kong". I & the kidz went 2 a side 2 sit & infront of us got a pool of ice water 4 the mineral water FOC 4 the people 2 take. Xavier & Tricia kept playing wif the water coz itz reali cooling, Gladys see liao oso 1 "chap ji kia" 1 come down & played wif the water.

The seafood there oso not dat cheap 6 adults & 3 kidz cost $148, maybe abit cheap lah but the seafood there veri fresh, especially the steamed prawns & oso the sotong.

Aftermath home sweet home coz itz alidy veri late liao, reali went out the whole day!!!!!!

The kidz r all veri tired liao coz went home bathe them den they slept till the next morning, especially Gladys next day oso like sleep the whole day!!!!! wahahahaha.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


New Developments Now:

Likes Barney (she always says Bar Bar)
Likes Barney ending song 2!!!! (she will move her body & hands)
Knows how 2 obey my command (pick up the toy etc, etc.....)
Knows how 2 make faces if she's angry wif mi but still playing wif mi ( "tutu" her mouth)
Think she oso noes how 2 call my mum 2!!!!!
Knows how 2 shows dat she's jealouse
Able 2 play well by herself or wif her "korkor" or "jiejie"
When i said "poo poo" she will make the "kei sai" face
She will smile until can't see her eyes

Sunday, 3 May, 2009

Went Lorong Ah Soo 4 breakfast AGAIN wif the kidz coz i wanna try the Nasi Lemak which 4ever is Long Queue.

Hubby queued 4 nearly 30mins b4 we can get it!!!!!

Bought the butterfly, carrot fingers & mee jiam kueh oso!!!!

Aftermath, hubby drove 2 Balestier coz my mum wanted 2 eat the "dou sai piah" but went all the way there itz not open!!!! Got other shop but i oni like the 639 Long Fatt 1!!!!

Passed by Whampoa Market, hubby said the rojak there veri nice so i asked him 2 get 4 mi!!!!! Oso must queued 4 abt 30mins!!!!! (S'pore is likedat 1 lah, where got good food ppl will queue 4 it!!!!)

2day we reali go where eat where!!!!!!!

Friday, 1 May, 2009

Went 2 Lorong Ah Soo Market 4 breakfast wif my mum & bro. Itz a last min thing coz initially wanted 2 go Kovan 4 breakfast.

Wrong decision coz itz reali packed & we had a hard tym looking 4 a table.

My mum saw some aunty in a table wif juz half a glass of kopi & she sat down beside thinking they will be leaving soon!!!

Guess wat, 1 aunty told my mum they won't be leaving so soon. Fcuk!!!!!!!! Alidy got soooooooo many people waiting 4 tabble yet they still buay paisei sit there & gossip!!!!! Really BTH them!!!!!! 1 gossip go elsewhere lah!!!!!!!

Duno why Gladys vomitted out suddenly & kena my upper body, yucks so stinking!!!!! Quickly went 2 wash up but still got the smell lei!!!!! =(

Ltr nite tym bought the kidz 2 Esplanade & oso 2 the see the Merlion coz Xavier wanted 2 go as his school got teach them about it!!!!!

Lotz of pic 2 be uploaded but hubby still haven't do the wiring lei!!!!!